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 Bragg Creek Acreage 

Our apologies for the delay in starting the sale due to website issues. We appreciate your patience.


The online sale will start WEDNESDAY at 9:00AM and end on SATURDAY at 7:00PM.


SUNDAY – 1:00PM to 5:00PM

It will be a great day for a drive as the forecast is for SUNSHINE ALL DAY!!!

The town of Bragg Creek has some great restaurants, stores & parks to check out!!

Look forward to seeing you!!



What is exciting about this sale?

The client and his wife were born in Europe, met while travelling through Canada and eventually fulfilled their pioneering dreams on their acreage near Bragg Creek. 

Both were fond of outdoor pursuits, photography, collecting interesting things and reading on a wide variety of subjects.

The client was both a master cabinetmaker and an architect. The home he designed and built for his family became in turn, a basecamp for paddling, hiking and skiing excursions, a lumber yard, and Santa’s second workshop.

He was an artisan with a great passion for wood, sourcing much of it himself to create or restore furniture, household items and tools. No family vacation to B.C. was complete if the back of the vehicle wasn’t filled with planks, or a new friend hadn’t been made at the forestry service.

The projects he enjoyed the most were those that offered a challenge and required research, the development of new skills, or the creative use of salvaged material.

His schemes ranged from turning the branches of his friend’s trimmed apple trees into coasters to reviving a buggy from nothing more than a rusty metal skeleton.

His respect for craftsmanship, attention to detail and joie de vivre live on in the objects he made, restored and collected.

Lots of unique items to choose from!!!


A little bit of this… A little bit of that

Makes each sale exciting & different!



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Item Pickup Details

 If you are unavailable please send someone in your place.

Pick UP Date & Time: 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

1:00PM to 5:00PM 

No early pick ups please.

Bring Help to Carry Large Items!

Bring Help

Please bring help to lift & carry your orders.

Safety First

The safety & health of our Clients, Customers & Staff is very important to us. HHES will follow guidelines established by Federal & Provincial health officials.

If you are not well, please send someone, who is healthy, to pick up your items or we can arrange delivery at the customer’s cost.

For Item Pickup


  • Upon arrival please stand in line Give your name
  • Do NOT text or call.
  • We will bring your order(s) to the table when your order is ready.
  • Large items will be picked up from inside the building or on driveway. 
  • Remember:  HHES staff will not assist you to load.  Bring HELP if you need it.

Additional Info

  • No in-home shopping ~ Online ONLY!
  • Do NOT park in front of neighbors’ driveways!!
  • Bring you own muscle to move your items if needed!!!
  • HHES cannot provide help in loading items.
  • Prices are as marked.
  • All sales are final.
  • All items sold as is.
  • Contents for sale by owners.

Item Purchasing

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  • The purchase of the item is not guaranteed until it is paid for at checkout and you have received confirmation of the payment. 
  • The first person who pays for the item gets it. 
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Welcome to our…

Love It Again, Sam!

Is going to be ONLINE only in 2022

We’re doing our part to keep items out of the landfill by loving it again!

Recycle, upcycle, reuse and repurpose interesting finds from across Alberta!

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A little bit of this… A little bit of that

Makes each sale exciting & different!